What to Expect

All patients will require an initial consultation with the treating doctor. A comprehensive medical history will be obtained and a detailed clinical evaluation of the venous system will be performed.

A duplex ultrasound examination will be requested. This is always carried out by a certified vascular sonographer, reported by a vascular surgeon and uses state of the art technology to assess the type and extent of your venous disease. The examination is risk free, has no side effects and causes no discomfort.

The treating doctor will then discuss all findings, possible treatment options and costs with you. A personalised treatment plan will be recommended.


All costs up to this point will be bulk-billed through Medicare; there will be no out of pocket expenses prior to commencing treatment.

In some cases, treatment will not be recommended and other management options will be discussed.

Treatment will involve a series of very fine needles (similar size to dry-needling by a physiotherapist), followed by a brisk walk. The entire process generally requires 60 - 90 minutes.

You will be required to wear compression stockings during the day for up to 2 weeks post-treatment but you can return to normal daily activities immediately.

There will also be a personalised follow up plan for each patient, depending on the specifics of your treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment will be confirmed at this time.

Approximately 95 percent of patients will only require a single treatment. A small number of patients will require additional treatment, but usually only to a very small segment of the original vein.

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